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About Us


Hi everyone and welcome to Love Leo!

The clothes and accessories are made by the fabulous Love Leo team. 

Here at Love Leo, we are passionate about providing clothing that is fun and perfect for play. Stand out from the crowd in our unique prints. 

We have expanded to include some amazing Home Decor, the prints are digitally drawn by Kate.

As a business we are passionate about reducing our single use plastics and have made the switch to paper postage bags or card boxes (which can be reused or recycled!), all our prints are posted in paper/card document wallets and are placed inside a protective sleeve which is completely compostable and made from plant cellulose! In addition to this we offer many reusable items to help you reduce your plastic waste and would love to hear any ideas for further products to offer! (There are MANY more in the pipeline!)

Proudly handmade in South West England!