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Custom order for Elysia

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Custom order for Elysia

6-7 Biker Jacket, LS, Tentacles/Purple/Green/Black

6-7/4-5 Brewster Bubble Skirt - Green/Purple/Black

42 Windflower sleeveless dress, round hood. Large scale moths/old pink

10-12 Dolman Cardi, LS - Stormy/Grey

9-12 GWM colourblocked joggers - stormy/grey

10-12 ice cream pants - purple/Leo’s throne

10-12 raglan tee, ss, breast pocket. Body purple, Leo’s throne sleeves, bands and pocket

6-7/4-5 90s ss dress - Leo’s throne/purple

Little kid 12/13 over knee socks - Leo’s throne

6-7/4-5 Peplum Dress, body Ochre, Peplum Mustard/Black Feral

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